Team collaboration solutions

Discover what team collaboration looks like in the physical and digital workplace, the technology solutions that make it possible, and how to bring its benefits and experience into your organization.

Your business succeeds when its people do their best work. When they’re engaged with their projects, when they can connect with their on-site and remote colleagues and work as a team, they deliver.

To boost this productivity, provide digital collaboration tools that allow your team to host video meetings anytime and anywhere, co-author documents, annotate shared content, communicate via persistent chat, and track projects in a virtual workplace.

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Technology that supports team collaboration

Team collaboration solutions include cloud video conferencing and room UCC systems, interactive, touchscreen displays, desktop applications, whole room audio, plus wireless presentation and content sharing capabilities. Our team can help you successfully deploy productivity tools including:


  • Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams, and video conferencing solutions
  • Crestron Flex and Mercury meeting room control
  • Microsoft Teams and Surface Hub 2S interactive displays
  • Sharp NEC meeting room displays
  • Poly Trio conference phones and Poly Studio all-in-one huddle room solutions
  • Zoom Rooms video conferencing systems
  • Logitech Rally Family of collaboration solutions

Team collaboration’s essential features

The best team collaboration solutions deliver the ability to develop, share, and record ideas among meeting participants in real time. People connect in these virtual workspaces from on-site meeting spaces, their homes, and other remote locations using tools like video conferencing, UCC systems, and wireless content sharing. They all see and hear one another, share their ideas, and content, and make progress on shared tasks.

Keeping your teams together

Human connection. Great collaboration.

Your business grows when your people connect face to face. Invest in collaboration technology for smarter ideas, clearer communication, lower costs, and a healthier bottom line.

surface hub 2s connects in-office and remote teams

Team collaboration technology solutions empower distributed teams to:

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Share files
take notes
co-author documents

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Securely communicate and save files for offline editing

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Communicate via persistent chat

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Share ideas online even after the meeting has ended

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Schedule and record meetings, and reserve  rooms

Other standard application features include:

  • Scalability
  • A user-friendly interface
  • BYOD compatibility
  • Interoperability with other meeting applications

Top team collaboration tools

AVI-SPL brings you collaboration solutions by the most respected technology vendors. We work closely with them to ensure they deliver the experience and capabilities you expect from their solutions. Our insight from working with companies like yours has helped our partners shape UCC solutions that deliver measurable benefits.

Team collaboration benefits

Take a team collaboration approach in the workplace and you drive success and business growth. People across an organization bring their expertise, insight, and ideas into constructive, collaborative group settings and virtual workspaces. That’s where teammates understand goals, apply each other’s knowledge, innovate new solutions and solve business challenges.

Through collaboration technology, the meetings that used to just talk about projects become productive work sessions. Top team collaboration benefits include:

  • A strong, team-oriented workforce. Provide the tools for people to do their best work, and you’ll draw the talent those tools are designed for.
  • Productivity grows across your enterprise.
  • Your team’s ideas and imagination drive your company to innovate and race past the competition.
  • Cost-effective collaboration that saves on travel and reduces real estate costs.
  • Products and ideas that go to market faster.
  • Standardized solutions make it easier to expand new locations
  • Innovators connect with the voices of experience. In mere moments, on-site and remote teams are finding and collaborating with one another, sharing their discoveries, and working in real time on the projects that lead to business success.

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