Crestron collaboration technology

meeting room with screen and participants

At Crestron, we build technology for every space from commercial to residential, educational to entertaining. We create solutions that are simple, effective, reliable and secure. All designed to put technology at the service of our customers. Connecting people wherever and however they learn, work, play and live. Crestron has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology for over 40 years, constantly offering better solutions for customers the world over.

meeting room with screen and participants

Flexible Working and Learning Environment

With many people starting to return to work on a hybrid schedule, businesses and universities expect to find collaborative spaces that promote collaboration, productivity, and innovation while also staying connected. Crestron offers flexible working and learning environment solutions that give the IT teams the ability to integrate audiovisual and video conferencing equipment which connects to the network.


AVI-SPL and Crestron work together to transform ideas into great customer experiences. Crestron’s award-winning solutions are integral to the daily operations of nearly every Fortune 500 company, hundreds of universities, hotels, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.

Shaped by more than four decades of innovation, Crestron solutions help companies maximize return on investment, improve communications and productivity, standardize technology, and redefine guest experiences.

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