What is unified communications and collaboration (UCC)?

Unified Communications (UC), also called unified communications and collaboration (UCC), combines essential communication, audio, video, and collaboration technologies to bring people together in virtual and on-site meeting and workspaces.

In one application, these tools combine video conferencing, voice calls, persistent chat, instant messaging, file sharing, workstream collaboration, and virtual whiteboarding. Because of its versatility, UC is a hub for a variety of teams and collaboration methods, making it among the most powerful technology assets in any company.

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Microsoft Teams UCC application

Unified communications benefits

UC technology does much more than connect on-site and remote teams. Robust UC applications enable people to collaborate with others in real time or asynchronously while using their preferred technology device – desktop, laptop, smartphone, and even room systems.

You and your teammates can securely access your contacts, share documents, chat, and launch video meetings making it possible to work with anyone, anywhere on shared projects. UC is the default mode for group collaboration today, delivering:

  • Greater engagement and productivity as users with various devices from various locations can work together in a unified environment
  • Faster and more responsive interactions through real-time notifications and instant messaging
  • Deeper connections to remote teams with face-to-face communication
  • Enhanced group agility with co-creation and co-editing of files
  • More fluid teamwork with workstream collaboration and project workspaces

UCC applications, rooms, and devices


UCC solutions deliver a seamless collaboration experience for multiple people in one room and in virtual environments. Companion mobile apps allow on-the-go teams to connect from virtually anywhere from smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex are among the most popular platforms in this space, as they provide s the most feature-rich UC applications. Companies like Poly complement those solution through certified, integrated devices that enhance the UC experience at the personal level and bring it into collaboration meeting rooms.

Common meeting room tech includes video conferencing support (including cameras and audio reinforcement), speaker phones, headsets, control systems for in-room management, and other productivity tools. By improving and streamlining the user experience, this combination of UC and AV devices empowers people to focus on the task at hand – not the technology.

team members using unified communications technology

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