Elastic Digital Workplace Roadmap

Your journey to a sustainable future of work

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The COVID-19 response led to temporary solutions that worked in the moment. Now, you can transform this disaster recovery into a long-term digital workplace strategy. You’ll sustainably support a new hybrid approach to work.

An elastic digital workplace provides the flexibility to work in the office or from home. It also gives business leaders the adaptability to respond to the next global event. AVI-SPL is ready to help. We can provide what you need now, and what you’ll need next.

Your new hybrid workplace must:

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Empower employee


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Support physical and

emotional well-being

Business continuity

Deliver long-term

business continuity

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Empower employee engagement

Enable your employees to move freely and productively between working on-site and remotely. Deliver a positive, consistent experience wherever they are.

Collaboration and meeting solutions. Well-tuned UCC and team collaboration platforms connect employees face-to-face from anywhere. Teams collaborate before, during, and after the meeting with quality audio and video, document co-authoring and sharing, persistent chat, and scheduling.

Enterprise video and signage. Enterprise video and digital signage stream critical company communications or virtual events to video displays and mobile devices, reaching employees wherever they are. Frequent and relevant messages to your workforce help keep it together.

Enhanced user experience. Our cloud-based application, AVI-SPL Symphony, helps you monitor and manage meetings whether in the office or in the cloud. Symphony will alert you to issues in your AV/UC estate before they impact end users.

Support physical and emotional well-being

Keep your teams safe and make your workplace inviting by addressing both physical and emotional well-being needs.

Entry point safety. Thermal imaging and temperature scanning devices can alert you to potential health issues. Virtual reception tablets and wayfinding apps reduce physical interactions to support social distancing requirements. Digital signage easily communicates health and safety protocols.

Occupancy monitoring and social distancing. Use scheduling apps, occupancy sensors, and digital signage to track space availability, occupancy, and show maximum room capacity. Leverage the power of AVI-SPL Symphony workflows to monitor meetings in a single application.

Touchless meeting control. Automate meeting workflows, simplify user experience, and limit shared meeting devices for re-entry peace of mind. Launch and control meetings from personal mobile devices with AVI-SPL Symphony, or voice control with Alexa for Business or Webex.

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Business continuity

Deliver long-term business continuity

Financial stability and employee experience both impact the sustainability of your new elastic digital workplace.

Accelerate cloud migration. Sudden changes require rapid flexibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure. Partner with us for your UCC and enterprise video cloud strategy to ensure operational stability.

Financing. AVI-SPL’s AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) financing option allows you to bundle AV and UC hardware with ongoing AVI-SPL support, maintenance, and managed services to preserve cash-flow while managing technology lifecycles.

Outsourced management and support. You do the meetings. We’ll keep you connected. Our team will support your UCC technology and the office and remote workers that use it from AVI-SPL’s 24/7 global service operations centers around the world.

AVI-SPL can simplify your journey to the elastic digital workplace by transforming temporary fixes into sustainable solutions.


We’re ready to help you design collaboration solutions that represent the future of work and that can adapt to changing needs.


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