Digital signage, video walls, and interactive experiences

Communication is key, and digital signage is the easiest and most engaging way to connect with your audience and create a “wow” factor. AVI-SPL offers digital signage, interactive experiences, and video wall solutions to grow sales and boost customer and employee engagement.

Digital signage goals

  • Increase sales
  • Support brand messaging
  • Offer an interactive customer experience
  • Deliver wow factor entertainment
  • Educate and inform customers or employees

Digital signage applications

  • Wayfinding (touchless or interactive)
  • Room Scheduling
  • Environmental Sensor Integration
  • Guest Registration Services

Large format displays

The AVI-SPL team uses high-definition large format displays to build your digital signage applications. Leverage the latest LCD and LED technology to deliver vivid, memorable messages. Get inspired by LG Direct View LED digital signage. We work with you to determine the best displays for your needs.

large format display digital signage creating an interactive experience

Hardware and software

Solutions typically include displays, a media player, and a cloud subscription.

Option A

Display, Content, and Content Management System (CMS) and Player.

CMS can be hosted in the cloud, on-prem, or using a hybrid option.

Option B

Display with an embedded player. System-on-Chip (SoC), Web OS.

Web-based editor for simplified content management.

CMS is accessed via the display, app, IP address, or cloud.

Video wall display considerations

Video wall display options include bezel-less screens that deliver near seamless designs. When building your video wall, considerations include: your budget, the environment where video walls will be used, lighting, ventilation needs, installation requirements, and the field of view.

Indoor and outdoor video walls are built with appropriate screen resolution and brightness.

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Samsung digital signage in retail window

Signage content and viewer analytics

Effective digital signage campaigns need consistently fresh content, tracking, and technology support. AVI-SPL provides complete solutions to help you boost engagement and drive sales.

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