Global Account Management Program

AVI-SPL’s Global Account Management (GAM) program is an exclusive offering designed to create more value and profit for our multinational customers. The GAM Program leverages a methodology that delivers enhanced strategy and planning. Our GAM teams offer an enhanced global program management that leverages AVI-SPL’s vast global resources.

As a result, AVI-SPL has helped its designated global accounts within the program to maximize value by guiding standards, evaluating strategy and solutions, and ultimately enabling superior user experiences. This is achieved by making technology integrated into the digital workplace easy-to-use and trackable through useful data, all while providing consistent and reliable delivery worldwide.

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Global account management process

The Results

GAM program customers have realized consistent and ongoing improved key performance indicators. In some cases, up to a 20 percent increase in conference room utilization and reduced real estate cost, according to market research firm Forrester Research. This has led to broader strategic partnerships with AVI-SPL, as these customers focus on their global digital workplace needs.

Additional key findings from the June 2020 Forrester The Total Economic Impact™ of AVI-SPL Digital Workplace Solutions Report:

  • Each year, the organization saves 141,500 hours because meetings start on time and conference technology is more intuitive. More productive and effective meetings contribute to better business outcomes, such as faster time-to-market and better decision making. Meeting rooms built and managed by AVI-SPL are easier to use and have less downtime. Time savings and better user experiences are especially valuable for senior and executive leadership team members. The value a company realizes in terms of improved business outcomes should, at a minimum, be equal to the equivalent salaries that time represents. For the composite organization, that equates to $12.4 million over three years with a 25% productivity capture because not all time saved equates to additional, productive work.
  • Service and hardware buildout costs are 20% lower with AVI-SPL than the other vendors being considered. AVI-SPL works closely with customers to design meeting and conference solutions that best meet customers’ needs with lower-cost technology alternatives. Organizations could roll out these designs globally regardless of AVI-SPL management services. The composite organization saves $2.5 million in buildout costs over three years. AVI-SPL can also help customers design and roll out individual device-based collaboration solutions, but Forrester has not included cost savings associated with these solutions in the financial analysis.
  • The organization reduces its internal user support and video network operations center (VNOC) teams by 58%. Outsourcing more of the workspace technology management to AVI-SPL and/or giving internal workspace management teams access to AVI-SPL’s Symphony platform frees up time to work on other projects or move people to other teams. The composite organization reduces its end user support team from five to two full-time equivalents (FTEs) and its VNOC team from 26 to 11, resulting in a three-year savings of $3.6 million.
TCO Savings (PV) $8.3 million
Productivity increase $12.4 million


AVI-SPL’s Global Account Management Program has won multiple Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) Excellence Awards, including:

  • 2019 Outstanding Young SAM Program of the Year.
  • 2019 Best Implementation of a Disciplined Process to Quantify and Monetize Specific Customer Value Solutions.

SAMA members include many of the world’s most respected and recognizable B2B companies, including IBM, Siemens, Pfizer, 3M, DHL, Zurich and many more. Since 1966, SAMA has recognized companies for outstanding achievement in strategic customer management through its SAMA Excellence Awards™.

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