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from AVI-SPL Global Financial Services

Enhance the way your company, teams, and partners communicate and collaborate with a fresh digital workplace transformation initiative. You’ve aligned your stakeholders and partnered with AVI-SPL for seamless integration of your new AV and UC assets.

Now, create even more value from your program by selecting the financing that best suit your business needs from  AVI-SPL Global Financial Services.

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Lifecycle Management

AV-as-a-Service contracts for hardware, support, managed services, and refresh.

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Greater Flexibility

Customized agreements without
fees and penalties.

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Lower Cost Leasing

Competitive rates and higher residuals
for reduced exposure at lease end.

Key benefits that translate into value

  • Predictable cash flow
  • Budget relief
  • Finance hardware and services
  • Avoid technology obsolescence with refresh terms
  • Global asset management
  • Realize tax benefits
  • Conserve capital, existing credit lines
  • Flexible terms to align with ROI and business cycles


Our lifecycle management program gives you total visibility to your assets while we manage their operation and refresh cycles for you. Our online portal tracks all your assets plus provides quick and easy tools to manage moves, adds, changes, and returns. With AVI-SPL as your financing partner, lifecycle transition is time-saving and cost saving.

Financing options

Capital Purchase

A finance vehicle when you know you want to own the equipment for a long term. The lease provides a fixed payment and end of the lease equipment purchase for $1.00. Also known as a $1.00 buyout or full payout lease.

Operating Lease

Pay for equipment use only. At the end of the term, you may: upgrade, return, or extend the lease on a short-term basis. Also known as a Fair Market Value, or non-full payout lease. This is the most common finance vehicle since technology can depreciate quickly.


Bundle your AV and UC hardware with ongoing AVI-SPL support, maintenance, and managed services for an efficient solution to managing your investment for maximum business value. AV-as-a-Service offers a convenient monthly or quarterly payment.

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AVI-SPL global financing capabilities

Create a globally consistent AV and UC technology plan that includes your design standards, fixed product pricing, world-class support services, and reliable lifecycle management.

From New York to Hong Kong, Frankfurt to Toronto, AVI-SPL Global Financial Services is well equipped to handle your international technology leasing needs. With our global master lease, can coordinate all financing and assets around the world from one office, or regionally.


  • One point of contact to manage your leases worldwide, reducing paperwork and administrative burden
  • Customized financial service offering specifically designed for your AV and UC technology needs and business metrics
  • Consistent terms and conditions for all your business subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Simple online access to worldwide asset details from a single login
  • All transactions conducted in local currency, plus a team of international tax experts

Audio Visual-as-a-Service

The value of your communications and collaboration technology comes from its use, not its ownership. That’s why we created our Audio-Visual-as-a-Service option, a bundled solution including audio video and unified communications hardware with the ongoing services needed to maintain its productive use, rolled into one, simple monthly or quarterly payment. Truly, a collaboration-as-a-service model.

Operational benefits of

  • One point of contact to manage your leases worldwide, reducing paperwork and administrative burden on your IT team to track and service it
  • Refresh your collaboration solutions on a planned timetable>
  • Upgrade or change your meetings solutions as needs change
  • Save time and resources with detailed online asset management maintained by AVI-SPL Global Financial Services
  • Mitigate data security risks associated with stockpiling obsolete hardware
  • Diminish the risk, hassle, and high cost of equipment disposal

Financial benefits of

  • Reduce costs associated with acquiring, managing, and disposing of hardware by as much as 20%
  • Put your working capital to better use on revenue-generating activities
  • Establish predictable cash flow for budget management
  • Match payments to the useful life of equipment while eliminating mismatched depreciation and book write-downs
  • Achieve tax benefits by deducting lease payments as an operating expense
  • Minimize disposal costs by off-loading EPA liability to the lessor

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