Advanced visualization and simulation

Advanced visualization and simulation technology helps teams access business intelligence and analytics data through immersive 2D and 3D audio visual presentations.

Help teams make data driven decisions

Your research teams and higher education students can use advanced data visualization and simulation techniques to review and understand complex information, gather insights, interact, and make data-driven decisions. AVI-SPL provides audio visual technology, including high-resolution stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics. Create immersive virtual environments that allow users to interact with data.

healthcare simulation

Healthcare simulation centers

Advanced simulation technology is also used in medical training facilities. AVI-SPL works with clients and strategic partners to provide interactive healthcare simulation technology solutions that enhance the quality of patient care, improve patient safety and lower patient costs.

Visualization audio visual technology

Advanced data visualization technology combines supercomputing with high-resolution 3D projection, and virtual worlds that substitute for the real-world environments. Visualization and simulation environments use a combination of innovative technologies to deliver this immersive experience.

  • Virtual reality (VR): an immersive simulated environment that is created digitally and viewed inside a closed space.
  • Augmented reality (AR): Superimposed computer graphics enhance objects and environments in the physical world.
  • Mixed reality (MR): Combines elements of VR and AR to create new visualizations.

Advanced data visualization benefits

  • Virtually manipulate designs before you build them:  Product visualization software technology allows you to create and test packaging and product designs.
  • Improved processes in various industries:
    • Enterprise: product design visualization
    • Energy: oil and gas exploration and production
    • Education: scientific visualization
    • Public Sector: training-exercise simulations and large-scale data visualization

Immersive collaboration featuring 360-degree shared virtual reality

Watch how AVI-SPL and Igloo created an immersive collaboration space at a recent trade show.

AVI-SPL works with Igloo to design and deliver immersive collaboration spaces featuring shared VR for organizations around the world. These spaces deliver enhanced meetings through videos, presentation content, analytics, 3D graphics and supporting documents. Igloo’s 360-degree data visualization solution:

  • Delivers strong impact
  • Generates excitement
  • Boosts team collaboration
  • Enhances the user experience

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