Transform audio and video distribution with
AV over IP

High-quality, low-bandwidth networked AV is how smart, cost-conscious companies distribute their audio and video signals between rooms and buildings to reach, engage, and inform employees and guests.

AV-over-IP signals are carried over the LAN via an Ethernet switch. Connect Ethernet switches and you accommodate as many sources and endpoints as you need.

Traditional AV distribution sends and receives AV anytime and anywhere without sacrificing audio-visual quality. Crestron’s AV-over-IP solutions do that while adding network management and optimization that enhances the “anytime, anywhere” capability.

With Crestron DM NVX, the network AV solution, you’ll expand your signal distribution far more efficiently than matrix switchers that might use just one side of their chassis.

staff looking at AV over IP equipment

Key IT considerations for moving to AV-over-IP


As you migrate to an AV-over-IP distribution architecture, here are some issues you’ll need to consider and answer:


  • Does the solution meet my network security requirements?
  • Will it comply with my company’s IT standards?
  • Can it grow as my organization grows?
  • How easy is it to centrally manage?

Crestron DM NVX

Crestron DigitalMedia (DM) is the standard for AV distribution because it integrates today’s array of AV technologies, protocols, and standards. Network AV over standard Ethernet, HDBaseT® connectivity for in-room presentations, fiber between buildings, H.264 video streaming to mobile devices — Crestron DM does it all, and it does it in an enterprise-grade platform that follows JITC certification, the most rigorous security standard.

With DM NVX you can distribute more streams over a network infrastructure of the same capacity and still deliver as high quality an image in the latest 4K formats as you’d experience from uncompressed video.

Because Crestron DM NVX is a 1GB solution, you can use your existing infrastructure and minimize your business costs. And since it works with existing networks and supports all types of content, it can be deployed efficiently as a flexible and scalable solution with no limit to its growth potential.

Configure, monitor, and manage every endpoint on the network with DigitalMedia XiO Director™, a virtual switching appliance. Plus, DM NVX comes with XiO Cloud, the IoT-based deployment and management platform that quickly configure thousands of network devices.

AV over IP equipment

Trust AVI-SPL with your Crestron AV-over-IP implementation

Crestron-certified AVI-SPL engineers and technicians thoroughly understand network architecture and topology and what it takes to bridge design and implementation. When Crestron AV-over-IP solutions are delivered by AVI-SPL, you have a solution that:


  • Complies with Crestron standards. DM NVX works with 100% of all networks. This ensures a successful deployment of Crestron DigitalMedia in your environment. AVI-SPL follows Crestron certification programs are designed with one purpose in mind: to ensure flawless implementation of Crestron systems and the highest quality support.
  • Works with your necessary applications. Because Crestron AV-over-IP converges multiple systems into one – combining IPTV, digital signage, AV – companies adopting the technology will realize cost savings above what they could expect to spend on separate solutions. Crestron solutions like DM NVX combine control with signal distribution, and they can support? network and local connections. Features like these combine versatility and simplicity, so that the capabilities of Crestron DigitalMedia are easy to realize.
  • Is easy to centrally manage. With AV-over-IP delivered by AVI-SPL, you can centrally control and manage the sources, destinations, switchers, encoders, and decoders across your LAN.
  • Follows strict security protocols. Because Crestron DM NVX follows the federal government’s most rigorous security standards, AVI-SPL will safely deploy your Crestron AV-over-IP solution in the most secure information network infrastructures.

Take charge of your content distribution with Crestron AV over IP