Introducing Microsoft

Surface Hub 3

Microsoft Surface Hub 3 50" and 85"

Microsoft recently introduced Surface Hub 3, its latest all-in-one hybrid meeting and collaboration board. It’s designed to deliver a consistent, simple experience in all your workspaces.

As how and where we work continues to evolve, Microsoft has transformed the Surface Hub experience to keep up with the latest hybrid work demands. Surface Hub 3 with 50” and 85” screens are available to order now.

Microsoft Surface Hub 3 features


Inspired by user feedback, the new Surface Hub 3 now runs Microsoft Teams on Windows.

This latest hub can support two pens at the same time.

And, you can physically rotate the 50″ between portrait and landscape orientation at any time to adapt to needs such as whiteboarding and one-on-one video calls.

Watch the video to see AVI-SPL’s Val Fernandez, Microsoft Surface Champ, walk through his favorite features of the new Surface Hub 3.

Surface Hub 3 unleashes a host of innovative features to enhance hybrid work

  • Smart rotation and portrait mode: Surface Hub 3, available in a 50″ display, offers the flexibility to physically rotate between portrait and landscape orientations at any time. This adaptability allows you to tailor the screen layout to your specific needs, whether it’s for a natural whiteboarding session or a more personalized one-on-one call.
  • Mobility and versatility: The Surface Hub 3 50″ can be fully mobile when placed on a Steelcase Roam Stand, providing deployment flexibility. Choose from an array of stands and wall-mounting solutions offered by Steelcase and our Designed for Surface partners. Additionally, with the APCTM Charge Mobile Battery, you can take the Surface Hub 3 50″ virtually anywhere within your building, ensuring that collaboration isn’t confined to a single space.
  • Premium design for inclusive meetings: Surface Hub 3 prioritizes inclusive meetings by delivering clear audio and visuals. The high-resolution 4K PixelSense display, equipped with an anti-glare coating, ensures that content remains visible under various lighting conditions, enhancing the overall meeting experience.
  • Intelligent audio enhancements: The Surface Hub 3 50″ incorporates two microphone arrays and speaker pairings. Smart AV technology optimizes audio based on the device’s orientation, ensuring the best stereo experience, whether in Portrait or Landscape mode. This intelligent audio system guarantees that all participants can engage effectively in the meeting, regardless of the screen orientation.
  • AI-powered team collaboration: The Surface Hub 3 represents a significant leap forward in leveraging AI for enhanced hybrid meetings and collaborative sessions. One standout example is the introduction of Cloud IntelliFrame, which is available with a separate software license. It offers a smart video feed that separates in-person Surface Hub users into individual boxes, making them more visible and removing distracting elements.

What if I have a Surface Hub 2S?

If you own a Surface Hub 2S device, you can upgrade to the full Surface Hub 3 experience with the Surface Hub 3 Pack. Starting next year, software migration will also be available for Surface Hub 2S devices to move to Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows. For those customers continuing to run Windows 10 Team edition on their Surface Hub 2S devices, support for that OS will continue until October 14, 2025.

Reimagining the employee experience with Microsoft Teams and AVI-SPL eBook


Hybrid meeting success depends on how you empower your teams with inclusive, collaborative, and secure meetings.

It’s about maximizing the efforts of your teams with the right technology and robust support.

In this eBook, we cover how AVI-SPL and Microsoft Teams Rooms can transform your workspaces to better support flexible work.

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Surface Hub 2S available while supplies last

Surface Hub 2S enables your teams to collaborate no matter where they work from, helping dissolve the boundaries between remote and in-office work. You’ll help keep people, ideas, and data safe and secure.

Surface Hub 2S helps you foster inclusivity and empower employees to connect, co-create, and innovate.

Overcome hybrid workplace challenges

  • Connect. Make meetings inclusive and collaborative by giving attendees tools that help them participate more effectively, wherever they are.

  • Co-create and collaborate. Share ideas and enable creation to facilitate innovation.

  • Stay productive. Employees want to co-author and share files with colleagues and customers.

  • Stay secure. Shared data and information need to be protected.

  • Upgrade to the full Surface Hub 3 experience with the Surface Hub 3 Pack.
meeting with microsoft surface hub 2S

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As a Microsoft Managed Partner and Surface Hub Partner of the Year, AVI-SPL is an experienced digital services provider that can help you integrate the Surface Hub’s capabilities into your meeting environment.

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