Welcome to the Future of Hybrid Conferencing with Legrand and AVI-SPL

In the dynamic landscape of modern conferences, where seamless collaboration meets cutting-edge technology, Legrand’s solution stands out as the essence of robustness and flexibility.

Key features and benefits

Microsoft Teams Certified Cameras

Ensure that every participant is seen in crystal-clear detail with our IntelliSHOT-M Microsoft Teams Certified camera. No one gets left in the digital shadows; everyone is a visual presence.

Hardware Echo Cancellation Microphones

Make your voice heard without interference using Vaddio TableMIC Microphone. It incorporates advanced microphones with hardware echo cancellation, ensuring pristine audio quality for every participant.

Flexible Mounting Options

Tailor your setup to your unique space. Choose between free-standing options for a mobile and adaptable solution or floor-to-wall mounted configurations for a sleek, space-saving design.

Versatility in Every Detail

Our collaboration solution is meticulously designed to cater to both traditional and open floor plan meeting spaces. Whether you’re in a boardroom, a collaborative workspace, or an open-concept office, our solution seamlessly adapts to your environment.

Why Choose Our Solution

  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate our solution with your existing conferencing setup, maximizing your investment.
  • Future-Ready: Stay ahead of the curve with a collaboration solution designed for the future of hybrid conferencing.
  • Collaborate in style with flexible free-standing or floor-to-wall mounted options where the floor supports the weight, not the walls.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive controls make operating our system a breeze, ensuring that even the most technologically challenged can navigate with ease.
  • Elevate your meetings. Transform your collaboration keeping everyone visible to the camera.
  • Your conference room is not just a space; it’s a stage for innovation. Make every interaction count.
Our collaboration solutions are not just about addressing your current needs; they’re about anticipating the future. Whether you’re conducting a traditional meeting in a boardroom or embracing the flexibility of an open floor plan, our solutions adapt to your environment, ensuring a consistently elevated conferencing experience.

Don’t just have meetings; make them memorable with our collaboration solutions. Choose a solution that sees everyone, hears everyone, and adapts to your unique space.

Explore the best practices for designing the ultimate hybrid collaboration space that fosters creativity and connectivity.

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