Absen collaboration technology

meeting room with screen and participants

Nowadays LED has brought changes to almost every aspect of our life, not just in advertising, stadium, entertainment and other uses, but also in serving as an information channel, which changes people’s lifestyle to a certain extent. What’s more, LEDs have played an important part in beautifying architectures and cites. Ever since its foundation, Absen has always been striving to accomplish such a mission too.

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., which started in Shenzhen in 2001, is a global leading LED product and service provider, offering mainly turnkey solutions to customers on LED display applications. Absen follows high product standard, displays meticulous craftsmanship, and enforces strict quality control. At the same time, Absen is constantly building up more and more professional customer service networks, so that more and more localized service can be provided all over the world.

meeting room with screen and participants


Absen LED displays are shining in outdoor advertising billboards, business centers, shopping malls, sport stadiums, indoor & outdoor stages, exhibitions, TV stations, traffic signs and so on. Absen has ranked first in exporting LED displays among Chinese LED display manufacturers for nine years in a row. 

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