Shure collaboration technology

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Whether it’s a keynote speech, a lecture, or a video conference, audio quality is critical to successful communication. At Shure, we have over 90 years of experience enabling great communicators to command attention. You can leverage our wealth of knowledge in acoustics, audio, and wireless technology to provide high-quality, repeatable solutions that adapt easily to a wide arrange of applications.

Our products make communication natural and transparent by maximizing the value of your investment in equipment and people. With the support of a market-leading global team, learn how to make audio work for you.

Shure Solutions For Conferencing and Meeting

Shure solutions let you hear and speak freely, from the boardroom to the classroom. With product lines that are straightforward to set up, user-friendly, and built to last, our innovative, complete ecosystems allow you to make the most of every meeting. Shure offers you two ecosystems, MICROFLEX ECOSYSTEM and STEM ECOSYSTEM.


AVI-SPL and Shure work together to transform ideas into great customer experiences. As one of the most trusted manufacturers of audio equipment worldwide, Shure provides sound solutions for every need – from conferencing, to educational institutions, to government facilities, and professional sound installations.

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