Symphony Management Platform

Connect and conduct your meetings for workstream harmony

Automate your meeting scheduling, launching, monitoring, management, analytics, and experience from a single platform that gives you global control of your AV and UC ecosystem.

More to See. Less to Do.

Your digital workplace is ever changing. Get a global view of meeting technology, status, and quality, while automating meeting scheduling, launching, and troubleshooting.

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A Sure Meeting Solution

Symphony™ is a robust meeting solutions monitoring, management and analytics platform that you orchestrate from an easy to use, browser-based and mobile-friendly portal.

Imagine: teams from offices around the world are connecting for a meeting. This meeting – like ALL of your company’s meetings – will start on time and happen without technical difficulties. No frustrating delays. No panicked help-desk calls.

When you entrust your company’s meeting solutions to AVI-SPL’s Symphony™ management platform, work happens.

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Meeting Maestro Dashboard

Symphony dashboard is your window to your organization’s total meeting environment. Zoom into user and device level settings; monitor call quality; create customized workflows; set permissions; and, adjust alert thresholds.

No matter your UC infrastructure or meeting-room AV devices and vendors, Symphony monitors your meeting environment and experience. When an issue arises, Symphony creates the trouble ticket e-bonds with other ticketing systems, and escalates to the AVI-SPL Help Desk as needed.


Experience Harmony

From a single window, manage scheduling, automate call launching, and remotely troubleshoot connections for a positive and productive meeting experience. Manage user experience by location, room, meeting, or individual account. Manage meetings down the hall, and around the world.

Symphony integrates with Microsoft Exchange,, Cisco TMS and Crestron Fusion. One platform, interoperable, with a consistent UX for all.


Quantify Use and Quality

Know the big picture of meeting-room and technology usage. Because Symphony can monitor devices, rooms, infrastructure, and related network performance, all meetings are tracked, not just the ones scheduled in advance.

See the health of your meetings with Symphony’s QoE (Quality of Experience) measure, which combines user feedback with real-time device modality, network performance, and room utilization. Report usage and performance, anytime in real-time.


Easily Expand Your Meeting World

Onboarding new users, rooms, devices, or solutions to Symphony is intuitive and quick. As your digital workplace and meeting universe expands, Symphony grows with you and provides the same simplified, global view to monitor it all from one single dashboard.

The most comprehensive and advanced tool for streamlining meeting solutions management and user experience.