Support and Field Services

An IT department that doesn’t have the expertise to support your systems shouldn’t prevent you from getting the ROI you expect from your AV and video collaboration solutions. AVI-SPL’s support and service program provides break/fix support, warranty services, preventative maintenance, on site and remote and 24/7 Global Help Desk assistance to keep your company fulfilling its collaboration strategy. Our experts:

  • Simplify operations
  • Safeguard your investment with 24/7/365 Global Helpdesk troubleshooting support
  • Support mixed environments with different products, vendors and warranty expiration dates
  • Custom programs that ensure performance and maintenance of your audio and video system

If you require service please submit a Help Desk ticket here.

Support Benefits

Single Point of Contact: One AVI-SPL contact for incidents and service requests, even when you have service tickets with more than one manufacturer

Responsive: We’re a Certified Service Provider (CSP) with all major manufacturers, so we can provide the same high level of service, even as your vendors and technology change

Proactive: Our standardized approach for AV and video collaboration addresses issues before you are affected

Flexible Engagement Options: We’ll work with you remotely or on site

Global Delivery Platform: With four help desk locations, and offices around the world, an AVI-SPL-trained professional is always on-call to support your offices

On Site Managed Services

You need the AV technology and video collaboration systems in your organization to work efficiently and effectively. To handle the management of those systems, to make sure events and meetings come off as planned, and to ensure your staff has a reliable resource to troubleshoot difficulties, companies like yours and their IT departments rely on onsite personnel who have the certification and expertise to keep your operations running efficiently and effectively. Sometimes, the technical requirements of mission-critical initiatives fall outside the purview of your team. We fill that gap by staffing those essential roles for you.

Trained and qualified experts work as an extension of our managed services operation alongside your IT teams. With our dedicated onsite services, you can have an AVI-SPL expert or a team of experts working at your facility on a daily basis. Positions we can fill include:

  • AV Event Coordinator
  • AV Programmer
  • AV Manager
  • AV Support Technician
  • AV Break-Fix Technician
  • Customer Service Reservationist
  • Video Support Engineer
  • Video Technician

Let AVI-SPL work with you to evaluate your current support model, and explore the business case of outsourcing to augment or replace your current strategy. A White Glove Concierge technician is backed by a national team dedicated to providing the comprehensive and scalable enterprise support to meet your organizational needs and priorities.

Remote Managed Services

It’s important to know the status of your audio-visual systems: when they are in use, their quality of performance, and how often they are being used. Whether it’s obtaining operational status and visibility for the technical support team, room utilization metrics for the real estate team, or financial metrics to support an ROI case for finance, a technology strategy needs an enterprise management platform to support it.

We give your company the luxury of an extended IT department. From one of our three global Managed Service Operations Centers, we proactively monitor and manage your AV and video collaboration systems and the infrastructure that supports them. With our Symphony® platform, we watch over your AV systems, run diagnostics, launch video calls, and handle the way your meetings are organized, monitored, and managed. Your users can quickly and easily see if systems are active, have pending trouble tickets, and if a conference has launched properly.

Technology Training

AVI-SPL specializes in end-user training. We customize our training programs to meet the needs of our clients. Our certified trainers can meet one-on-one or with groups to ensure they are informed about their audio-visual products and systems. Benefits include maximizing product performance and protecting system life through proper adoption and use. Our clients report their training programs improved their organization’s ability to deliver more meaningful presentations.

Training benefits

  • Customized to the unique needs of your people and your organization
  • Increases new product adoption
  • Programs conducted by Certified Training Specialists
  • Educates on proper use of systems and products
  • Improves a company’s presentation abilities