AV Integration – Services and Solutions

AVI -SPL integration services take a holistic approach to AV system and video collaboration solutions. We understand that audio-visual installations must be backwards compatible and future proof. Let us help you meet your communication needs by implementing AV plans that consider your current processes, objectives, and investments, as well as your strategic growth.

Our Approach and Benefits

AVI-SPL is the world’s most experienced video communications contractor and integration services provider. As the industry leader, we deliver more than 6,000 Pro AV projects worldwide every year. Our audio-visual installations feature leading-edge solutions that align with your business objectives. That experience in video collaboration technology makes us the one to trust in environments like stadiums and auditoriums, hospitals, training and classrooms and meeting rooms big and small.

With offices in eight Canadian cities, AVI-SPL supports and manages large national projects.

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Understanding Your AV Integration Needs

Through our mix of technical know-how, professionalism and project management services, we bring your integrated video communications solution to light. AVI-SPL technicians and engineers have the certifications and trained personnel that other companies can’t match. From our facilities, AVI-SPL will fabricate, engineer and test solutions so they arrive ready for integration at your location, following up each phase with quality control that ensures system integrity as it expands.

AV Project Management

Sound project management with your AV system installation can make the difference between ensuring normal business functions and meeting deadlines, and upsetting stakeholders or going over budget. AVI-SPL has internal processes in place to make sure our project managers adhere to industry standards and meet the expectations of our clients. A solid relationship with our manufacturer partners and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is essential to leading an audio-visual project to a successful completion.

AV Infrastructure and Technology

AVI-SPL’s team has the knowledge and experience to handle the most complex cabling of voice, data, and video communication systems. We also share our clients’ concerns with how that infrastructure will affect their organization, and will find solutions to make sure that the technology they’ve invested in works as intended and to their satisfaction. When you partner with AVI-SPL, you’re working with the experts in:

  • AV systems control and management
  • AV classroom and training room design
  • Huddle spaces, meeting rooms, and virtual meeting rooms
  • Video displays, walls, visualization and simulation
  • Government special requirements
  • Video collaboration systems for small and large businesses

Systems Integration Project Plans

Successful systems integration is the result of having a proven plan and adhering to the plan through the project management and engineering processes. Our Pro AV integrations are a success because we give our full attention to quality at each stage of the audio-visual installation:

  • All equipment received and staged at closest AVI-SPL facility
  • Systems are fabricated/assembled and tested in our shop
  • Equipment mounted, wired and terminated using best practices

Case Studies

Our approach to designing and engineering your solutions is to create the experience that users want, improves productivity, and generates the ROI you expect. The daily experience of our field specialists and technicians provides the feedback that we incorporate into our design principles. Our design team applies the fundamentals of audio-visual standards with the creativity you want in a solution.


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