Salamander collaboration technology

meeting room with screen and participants

Salamander Designs is the #1 AV and Technology Furniture brand for 16 years straight by CE Pro Magazine.

The Salamander philosophy and manufacturing process results in premium quality, highly customizable AV furniture that effortlessly integrates with current home and office technologies and makes the most of them. Salamander offers both residential home entertainment furniture solutions such as chairs, seating, electronics and media cabinets and more), and commercial furniture systems (collaboration/huddle, video conferencing, technical, display). Our Commercial Solutions are ADA compliant and UL listed, allowing them to work in any public environment or workspace and with most any display and technology. Salamander

Throughout our 25+ year history we have offered flexible, customizable furniture that offers a wide variety of choice in materials, finishes, colors, fabrics, and performance options. We integrate customization throughout our production line, allowing anyone to take an active part in designing furniture that fits their needs.

meeting room with screen and participants


Salamander Designs manufactures premium quality furniture that’s engineered to make today’s electronics, technology and people work and live better. Salamander’s expert design team and build-to-order formula serve a wide range of markets, including the audiophile, luxury residential and commercial customers of all sizes and categories.

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