Setting Up Your Home Workspace

Even as the COVID-19 outbreak has made social distancing a priority, we must still maintain our connections with each other. Those who work from remote locations, including their home, know the value of having the right technology tools and systems to stay engaged with colleagues and the business community.

While many of us know from experience the value of remote work, it has never been so essential to business continuity. And unless our home offices have the right equipment, it can be difficult to collaborate seamlessly with one another.

On this page, we’re sharing with you the equipment and advice that will help minimize distractions and empower you to be productive and perform your job at a high level while working from home.

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A proper home office setup can improve your productivity and keep you engaged in the meeting. That setup should accommodate video meetings as they are an important part of maintaining human connection.  While many devices have built in webcams they are often low resolution and have limited features. Look for a device that includes HD video and low light capabilities to have the best experience possible.

Headsets & Earsets

When working from home, you have to focus on the meeting without worrying about background noise that distracts you or the remote attendees. Using the speakerphone option of your cell phone may technically work, but it’s far from professional because it doesn’t provide the quality audio you and your colleagues depend on. Instead, look for a comfortable mic/headset combo with active noise canceling and easy connectivity into your devices.

Speaker Phones

If you’d rather not wear a headset with mic during every call, a quality speaker phone with echo-cancellation and noise reduction features is an excellent choice. Today’s speaker phones offer incredible sound quality and include quick access to mute and volume controls. We recommend choosing a speaker phone with auto-silence, USB power, and plug-and-play capabilities.

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